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Connection Between Thyroid and Smoking

Health experts found that people who regularly smoke had lower levels of thyroid immunoglobulin as compared with Hashimoto’s. This should not be a reason to be a chronic smoker: it is proven that smoking can suppress or avoid autoimmune responses on the thyroid. Nonetheless, if one quits smoking they are also predisposed to Hashimoto’s since smoking can suppress some of the attacks.

Most of the people who quit smoking find that soon their weight increases uncontrollably, they also became more irritable and had panic attacks more often. When anxiety sets in, it is important they check their thyroid since an autoimmune response may have begun.

Anatabine, a chemical found in cigarettes is also a supplement. For most people, their lives became much better after taking this supplement since anatabine lowers thyroid antibodies. It currently is not available but efforts are being made to make it a prescription drug.

Some health complications are treated by smoking. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenic and other mental health disorder patients attested that smoking gave them much relief and could also able to focus much better.

Instead of smoking, people should get tested for thyroid antibodies and do some relaxation techniques to get rid of stress.

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