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Food Sensitivity

There are numerous food sensitivities. The most common are gluten, dairy and soy. The difficult task is to determine exactly what is causing the symptoms that you have. To find out your trigger, perform an elimination diet to know which foods trigger and which don’t.

You can perform food allergy testing but this will not pick up food sensitivity. This will however get anaphylactic responses to certain foods. Food sensitivity testing is another branch of immune testing known as IgG testing. This is the same branch of immunity that makes immunoglobulin against the thyroid.

After performing IgG testing, it is important you embark on a nutrient sense diet, such as the Paleo diet. There are numerous advantages of going into a Paleo diet or a gluten free diet or doing something known as Autoimmune Paleo diet which limits reactive food.

After considering the diet, many feel relieved after adopting a gluten free or dairy free diet, for those who felt no change in health status have adrenal fatigue and gut complications much of the time.

For most people starting a gluten free diet, soy is also a trigger to symptoms. Soy increases antibodies attacking the thyroid even if you practice a gluten free diet. Grains too can cause immune imbalances and dropping both soy and gluten is a huge favor to your immune system.

Currently, there are a lot of diet recommendations regarding the Paleo diet, Autoimmune Paleo diet, and more healthy ways of going gluten free. There are also some websites which have developed numerous recipes fabricated specifically for Paleo and Autoimmune Paleo diets. With proper commitment, there should be considerable changes in your health even if you did not follow diet recommendations 100%. Even though you will not heal completely, you will reduce some of the symptoms.

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