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What is the Functional Medicine Approach?

Honestly, the functional medicine approach is the right approach since it treats the cause and is also effective. Functional Medicine practitioners try to find what makes a person ill and also struggle to prevent its spread, or even reverse it.

Functional Medicine medics try to reverse the disease, and also increase hormone amounts by giving the right amount combinations of thyroid hormones. As noted earlier, some people do not have the capability to convert T4 to T3, hence they are given drug combinations which contain both T4 and T3.

People taking Synthroid are able to lose weight but are still unable to reverse hair loss or change their current state of constant exhaustion. A combination of T4/T3 fixes this and all of their fears are fixed in due time. However, this approach may sometimes be faulty and therefore we should treat this condition by eliminating the triggers.

One of this trigger is sensitivity to gluten. Antibodies of gluten are similar to those of the thyroid. Thus, as you continue to consume gluten, more antibodies are formed and start attacking the thyroid treating it as an invader. For some people, just dropping gluten from the diet can reverse this thyroid condition, and are at no risk of developing lupus.

Unfortunately, most doctors focus on the medical but not nutritional aspect. Functional Medicine looks at the following aspects to further treatment or reverse Hashimoto’s:

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Food allergy
  • Incapability to manage stress
  • Malfunction in the ability to eliminate toxins
  • Infections

Hashimoto’s patients will have a lot of complications; leaky gut and other adrenal problems, inability to eject toxins and in many situations have underlying terminal infections that are responsible for causing autoimmune reactions. Most of the time, it is the thyroid which becomes affected.

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