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Impaired Ability to Handle Toxins

The body’s toxins handling ability has a significant role in reducing the intensity of Hashimoto’s. Toxins are most of the time responsible for bringing about autoimmune diseases. One should start with a liver detox to prepare the body for healing. After getting rid of toxic build up, the body’s nutrient absorption and energy will increase.

The common toxins are fluoride, BPA, parabens, triclosan, and phthalates. In the past, fluoride was a medication for suppressing thyroid function. However, avoid fluoride products like tap water, bottled water, and toothpaste.

In autoimmune disease, there is an implication of triclosan. On the other hand, parabens, BPA, and phthalates are Hashimotos’ triggers (endocrine disruptors). The triggers are chemicals that interfere with hormones directly damaging the thyroid, suppressing thyroid activity and manifesting as an estrogen mimic. In the end, there is development of an autoimmunity and thyroid condition. These brings about the probability of seeing birth defects, cancerous tumors, and disabilities related to development.

Toxic build up can be because of a wide range of factors, for example lithium. Lithium is a depression medication that is found in water supply. Studies report a link between impaired thyroid and lithium. Intense detox at first can worsen the symptoms. Therefore, the liver functionality should be supported first before boosting the body activity and equipping it with nutrients which prevent an autoimmune attack.


Gut Permeability or a Leaky Gut 

Food sensitivities can bring about leaky gut and contrariwise. Healing the gut therefore saves recovery time. Issues concerning leaky gut links to digestive enzyme, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, gut and mouth infections, sinuses infections, gut flora imbalance, stress and experiencing a catabolic state( body breaks itself down).

It is imperative to take necessary measures when having a leaky gut. Focus should be towards a diet with no trigger foods that can increase the condition. The affected person should concentrate on diets like the SCD Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Paleo Diet, and the low FODMAPS Diet.

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