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How Medications Can Mask Thyroid Issues

There are antidepressant drugs that help most people though not all may see the advantage since some medications like mood-altering drugs had adverse effects on them. Antipsychotics like Zyprexa and Seroquel were initially used to treat schizophrenia but are now used to treat depression as well.

The use of these medications was discouraged due to their adverse effects. They made one to become lethargic, withdrawn and diabetic with painful muscle contractions and constant involuntary movements.


Lithium is one of the medications that have an effect on the thyroid. It can disrupt the thyroid hormone levels resulting in hypothyroidism and it can increase the rates of autoimmune thyroid disease too. Studies have shown that it’s linked to thyroid dysfunction.

It has also been reported that lithium in drinking water reduces thyroid function during pregnancy which can be harmful to the baby and its development.Therefore, it is recommended that toxins should be omitted from water using reverse osmosis filter.


Dopamine results in central hypothyroidism. It does this by blocking the TSH from increasing as a signal to the thyroid to make more thyroid hormone when there are low levels of free T3 and free T4. TSH is suppressed in this case.

Drugs like Ritalin, Adderall and Wellbutrin have this side effect and can cover a thyroid disorder by suppressing the screening test.

Thyroid Medications Acting As Antidepressants

According to a study involving over 1000 patients, most patients who never responded to other antidepressants responded well to T3 medications.

Dosage Amounts of Thyroid Medications

Ensure medications are optimized. A patient should begin with a low dose of thyroid hormone then thyroid labs performed within four to six weeks before increasing the dosage gradually.

Lab tests should also be performed to ensure the thyroid levels are within range and one is on the right medications. Caution is also taken on medications with gluten and dyes.

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