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Stress in Development of Hashimoto’s

Stress is a major factor in development of Hashimoto’s. It can cause damage to both the thyroid and adrenal. If one of these organs malfunction, it affects the other since they both work in unison. This is a method body organs use to suppress the function of the other so that they just do the same amount of work.

Another problem is adrenal fatigue. In the Mayo Clinic website this condition is nonexistent. However, in Functional medicine this is a common finding and a test known as reverse T3 test can assess competence of your adrenals. If your adrenal testing results come out high, it may be a warning that your adrenals are not functioning as supposed. When you reach this point, you may be advised to perform Adrenal Saliva testing. With the right amount of therapy and medication, your symptoms should die out soon and you will surely feel better. Know the right treatment that should best suit you.

A similar issue to the above thyroid condition is pituitary suppression. The pituitary is the chief hormone that regulates the activities of both the thyroid and adrenals. At some point, people may be taking medication or have something going on with their pituitary gland where the pituitary gland is not relaying the exact signals. A person may develop a suppressed thyroid function if the pituitary does not signal it to develop more.

If you can find healthy ways of relieving stress, you will make a huge difference on your well-being. Whether you like Pilates or simply taking a stroll in the park, do something that will get your blood flowing as normal. If you keep a journal, document what you found to reduce your symptoms. Find something that you can do regularly to enjoy and make you happier.

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