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The Thyroid Secret Criticism And Other Unsubstantiated Claims

When I decided to create The Thyroid Secret, I did so in order to help people change their lives for the better. As a matter of fact, my goal was to change the very core of how thyroid disease is viewed in our modern society. With all the advanced medical procedures, techniques and medical knowledge available, it was somewhat surprising that thyroid disease research and information was lagging behind in terms of being up-to-date, that is why any Thyroid Secret criticism is often unsubstantiated or poorly derived.


The Thyroid Secret has changed the lives of many and is literally reaching millions of people across the country and even around the world. What is critical to understand is that those who suffer with thyroid disease often feel confused, isolated and very alone. This is especially true when doctors are unable to diagnose the disease or determine the reason for ongoing symptoms. These symptoms can include everything from mental confusion to a large amount of hair loss and uncontrollable weight gain.


Many people who have thyroid disease feel defeated, isolated and hopeless. The good news is that The Thyroid Secret changes all that by simply educating people and providing a solid foundation of information and data that has been well researched and studied. One thing to consider when viewing The Thyroid Secret documentary is that while there is powerful information being offered, recovering takes time, effort and focus. Anyone withThe Thyroid Secret criticism or saying that there is no help for the disease or hope for those who have the disease is clearly misspeaking.


Those who have thyroid disease have many issues to deal with each and every day. From mood swings to depression and excessive sleeping, the disease can take its toll on even the strongest and healthiest individual. The Thyroid Secret is indispensable in terms of all that it offers by enlightening people who have symptoms of this catastrophic thyroid condition. Explore my important documentary to learn the truth about thyroid disease.

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