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The Thyroid Secret Fact Check–What The Experts Are Saying

For anyone who has never experienced the symptoms of thyroid disease, fact checking The Thyroid Secret simply may not be necessary. However, for the tens of thousands of people who deal with thyroid disease each and every day, The Thyroid Secret fact check is a smart first place to begin in seeking remedy for this very devastating thyroid condition. When fact checking it is best to consider the experts I interviewed and who are offering the information that is being made available in the documentary.


For example, with The Thyroid Secret, I personally interviewed more than 100 respected experts for my miniseries documentary. The nine-part documentary also includes personal interviews with a number of patients who are currently living with thyroid disease and its well-documented symptoms. The symptoms can include everything from anxiety to depression and the desire to sleep all day. Other symptoms include hair-loss as well as weight gain and mental confusion or what is sometimes referred to as brain fog.


In truth, the question really becomes where does thyroid disease originate. The Thyroid Secret outlines how in many cases environmental contaminants such as industrial toxins, chemicals and other toxic substances make their way into our water, food and air. These substances eventually end up in the human body and will ultimately interfere with the thyroid system. When this happens, the telltale symptoms of thyroid disease will surface. In many cases, individuals are unaware that they have thyroid disease. That is why The Thyroid Secret is such an important documentary.


Simply based upon the large number of experts who were interviewed as well as talking with people living with the disease and others, it is clear to see that The Thyroid Secret fact check is in many ways already done. The good news for those who suffer with the disease is that there is hope and there is help. The Thyroid Secret has as a main objective the desire to help people recover from this disease and live a more healthy life. If you suspect that you have the symptoms of thyroid disease you may wish to consider my documentaryThe Thyroid Secret.

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