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The Thyroid Secret Hoax Is Not What You Thought

Those who understand The Thyroid Secret know that a hoax is the farthest thing from the truth. The Thyroid Secret hoax really has no facts or substance to backup the allegation. In truth, The Thyroid Secret is my innovative and unique body of information and data based upon research and studies regarding thyroid disease.
I created the documentarywith one primary goal. That is to help people who are suffering from thyroid disease to enjoy a better quality of life.


There are a few important facts that should be understood about thyroid disease. For example, the disease typically targets women more than it does men or children. In addition, the disease has a wide array of symptoms that can vary substantially from person to person. For example, those with thyroid disease symptoms often experience unexplained weight gain as well as substantial hair loss and ongoing confusion. Other symptoms include depression, anxiety and even panic attacks.


The Thyroid Secret is my unique documentary miniseries that is composed of nine separate episodes. The main purpose of this documentary is to dispel myths surrounding the frequently misunderstood condition known as thyroid disease. Most importantly, it gives people with the condition a direct route to recovery. Far from being a hoax of any kind, The Thyroid Secret is informational in nature and intended to enlighten people so that they no longer feel alone, confused or depressed. The information is vital, important and necessary for anyone experiencing symptoms associated with the disease.


My name is Dr. Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP. I was personally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. This caused me to begin searching for definitive answers to questions regarding thyroid disease. I went on to have the inspiration needed to put into motion what is now The Thyroid Secret. It is informative, fact filled and evidence-based. The information contained in my documentary can simply not be disputed, argued or confused in any way. It offers a greater understanding for those who are dealing with the symptoms of this very troubling thyroid condition.The Thyroid Secret hoax is not what you thought.

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