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The Threefold Approach to Autoimmunity

Dr. Alessio Fassano formulated three theories under which you develop autoimmunity:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Environmental triggers
  3. Intestinal permeability

From the above theories, Dr. Alessio concluded that removing just one of the causes can reverse or treat autoimmunity. Also with this discovery, comes a glimmer of hope since the drug larazotide has also been found effective. It has the capability to help people who have unaddressed triggers or cannot make effective lifestyle changes regarding intestinal permeability.

Getting rid of an autoimmune reaction is a complex process and it involves many steps towards healing. Although removing one of the three triggers can reverse the disease progression, the following recommendations are advised:

  • Make sure you get precise diagnosis
  • Know the correct management of medication
  • Modulate your adrenals
  • Learn about food pharmacology
  • Heal your gut
  • Get rid of toxins

The path towards healing should also be attained in your mind as well. You should make sure that you encompass yourself with positive people who encourage you on your journey and will always offer a leaning shoulder.


There are a lot of uncertainties surrounding the use of iodine. Globally, the leading cause of an underactive thyroid is iodine deficiency.

Hashimoto’s may however be worsened by the intake of sodium, especially if you overdose it. Iron deficiency is the cause of hypothyroidism; iodine intake would however be helpful.

The problem that iodine poses to Hashimoto’s patients is explicit. In a public assessment, the rates of Hashimoto’s was found to be relatively lower. After iodine was supplied in form of iodized salt, the cases of Hashimoto’s increased tremendously. There is also a study which suggests that iodine might be a cause of autoimmune reactions. You are advised to also use sufficient levels of multivitamins if your diet has high levels of iodine.


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