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Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test

The most widespread screening test to evaluate an under active thyroid is the thyroid stimulating hormone test (TSH test). This test is effective in detecting an under active thyroid or if your thyroid is not secreting an adequate quantity of thyroid hormone, particularly during the later stages of the condition.

Countless doctors perform the thyroid stimulating hormone test and tell their patients that their results indicate that the thyroid is still functioning as expected. It is important that you go through your test outcomes, and crosscheck with the doctor’s report. If you recently feel fatigued, you lose hair, have a low stomach acid or joint pains then your thyroid condition is really wanting.

When the thyroid stimulating hormone test scale for thyroid tests was being formulated, blood from several individuals was sampled. However, elderly people with a dormant thyroid or hypothyroidism altered the results and the ranges were slack.

The normal ranges should be between 0.5 and 2. Relatively healthy people have a score around 1. If your range is above 2 on the thyroid stimulating hormone test, then you should go for thyroid antibodies testing as soon as possible.

If your TSH score gets to 4, you would need testing from multiple doctors since Hashimoto’s may be developing in your body and you may also be suffering from an under active thyroid.

What most people are told is that their thyroid is still OK but they would need to take medication for a lifetime. In as much as this burdens the thyroid, it is irritating since you know your body well and can tell that there definitely is something wrong. It is very overwhelming especially when a doctor does not listen to your pleas. Keep looking until you get to find one who does, and also find someone special whom you can confide in.

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