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Toxins as Environmental Triggers


An individual is likely to develop autoimmunity when they come into contact with toxins such as radiation. In fact, studies show that about 81% of children that have been exposed to radiation at some point, have thyroid antibodies. The common sources of toxic substances include radiation, brominated compounds, chlorinated compounds and toxins from petroleum factories. It is therefore important to keep the liver as healthy as possible because it is responsible for detoxification.


Fluoride is present in everyday water supply and dental products like toothpaste. The initial purpose of fluoride was to prevent tooth decay resulting from improper diet or consuming foods containing lots of sugar. However, instead of creating awareness on the dangers of sugar, the government health officers opted to fluoridate the population’s water supply to minimize sugar content. Consequently, sugar activists, law makers were also in agreement with the decision.

Unlike in USA, a number of countries in Europe consider fluoride a type of drug and therefore do not add to their water supply. For example, there are some areas in United Kingdom that fluoridate while others do not. Recently, studies in UK focusing on the areas found higher rates of thyroid disease in regions with fluoridated water supply.

Because fluoride is present in tap water, to minimize the probability of exposure, people should install a reverse type osmosis filter that removes the fluorides. Too much fluoride can inhibit thyroid functionality, leading to inflammation and bring together thyroid receptors that can lead to an autoimmune attack.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products like the Tricolsan can cause thyroid autoimmunity. Therefore, people should switch to using organic products for personal care, especially women, as they have a higher chance of getting Hashimotos’ than men.

How to remove toxins

Various ways can be helpful. The body can methylate toxins through the use of methylfolate while hot lemon increases the liver’s detoxifying potential. Since toxicity can trigger Hashimotos’, a good diet such as sprouts and broccoli can alleviate toxicity.


Having the gene implies that the person has either a copy or two of a genetic mutation. Such occurrences can inhibit methylation, meaning that the individual will poorly activate B vitamins and there will be improper detoxification of elements that trigger autoimmunity. To prevent such situations, the person should take methylated versions of folate and B vitamins.


When good diet and supplements cannot suppress the thyroid condition, the person should look at the infections. According to molecular mimicry, the immune system can attack both the pathogen and the thyroid when the pathogen protein structure resembles that of the thyroid. To treat such infections and avoid the double attack, one should seek services of functional practitioners. Antibiotics and herbal medication can be prescribed to alleviate such infections.

The common infections that trigger Hashimotos, include Epstein-Bar virus, H.Pylori and Yersinia. Apart from receiving adequate treatment, the person should maintain vitamin D levels because the cells responsible for fighting some infections like the Epstein virus, rely on vitamin D to function. Furthermore, the person should maintain the adrenal levels and blood sugar to ensure that the immune system is functioning properly to eliminate the infections from the body.

When people treat these infections, the symptoms level become low and the patient feels better, furthermore, the markers of autoimmunity go down. But taking lightly to such cases can create further problems. As a matter of fact, it can be a root cause in autoimmunity and Hashimotos’ condition. The affected person should therefore ensure that any type of infection is dealt with from the root cause to guarantee future health.

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