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What is the Orthodox Approach?

It can feel hopeless in treating your thyroid especially when using modern medicine. Doctors usually say that very little can be done and this is even more devastating. The conventional methodology in relieving your thyroid is to give thyroid medication, radiation or removal. Synthroid is a placebo of thyroid hormone, and is the most prescribed thyroid drug to date. T4 needs to change into viable T3. Synthroid is usually given and the patient is kept under a keen eye to determine other autoimmune reactions. Yearly, tests will be done to test lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, since after developing an autoimmune reaction, you are more prone to develop other autoimmune complications.

It is often that doctors suggest that you will be under medication for your whole life, with the dose increasing as the condition on your thyroid worsens. Their argument is that they can replace what the thyroid cannot provide and thus let the disease run its course.

Majority of the people heal while using the synthetic thyroid hormone. This drug also helps in weight loss by increasing body metabolism. Nonetheless, some people are unable to convert T4 into active T3, and thus their autoimmune response continues to worsen. With the proper dosage of thyroid medicine particularly in people with Hashimoto’s, it turns out to be vital and alleviating.

It is time consuming coming up with a diagnosis or finding the cause of your Hashimoto’s. Therefore, many doctors find it much easier to prescribe thyroid medicine or thyroid removal, which tends to mask or hide the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. With a mindset that doctors always know it all, many end up in such paths developing severe autoimmune attacks.

If you ever undergo a lab test, it is important you go through your lab results since doctors tend to overlook ‘abnormal test results. Also, ensure the medication you are given is precise.

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