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What’s going on in diabetes?

When diabetes is at an advanced stage, treatment is a must. Nevertheless, medications at this stage normally cause side effects instead of treating the primary cause of the problem. But most importantly, patients suffering from type II diabetes should know that prevention and reversing of the disease is possible. Despite the fact that the condition weighs on the person, eating healthy to maintain the sugar levels can alleviate the symptoms. In fact, a healthy diet should be the first step in stabilizing blood sugar.

Consumption of diets containing too much sugar and starch disrupts the blood sugar system causing an elevation in the secretion of insulin. This response process can continue for years until the pancreas fails to keep up and levels of glucose rise uncontrollably.

The pancreas manufactures the amylin hormone that makes individuals feel like the stomach is full; hence the person stops further consumption of food. When the hormone level is low, the level of glucose rise, but in this case the person does not feel like he/she is full. An increase in glucose leads to an increase in insulin production. But when the rise in insulin is too much, insulin resistance occurs. The cells become resistance to the insulin making the pancreas to produce even more insulin. To reduce this uncontrollable release of insulin, the belly fat produces cytokines that are inflammatory.

Insulin resistances results in insulin surges and makes type II diabetes increase the autoimmune attack of the thyroid gland. Low thyroid has effects on blood lipids. Furthermore, when adrenal glands become overactive due to improper blood sugar balance, cardiovascular system and the kidney are affected too. It is therefore important for persons to diagnose diabetes early in order to get proper medication. Even though the body will respond to certain hormone changes in order to maintain balance, it is up to the individual to take charge of his/her health.

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